Mino Hemati’s Bio

With the rise of Islamic rule and the passage of anti-woman religious laws, Mino Hemati continued her awareness-raising activities among working women from the central and Northern provinces to Kurdistan. After the wave of repressions spread, she continued to work abroad. Mino Hemati is one of the founders of The Organization for Emancipation of Women. Since 2004, she has expanded her activities with the production and implementation of the TV program RahaiZan “Emancipation of Women” on Channel One, and continues to this day in this stronghold in defense of the rights of women and children. At present, in addition to Television, she is also the secretary of the organization and the editor of the Emancipation of Women Monthly publication, and she strives for freedom and equality.

 Mino Hemati Producer / Host Journalist of the  Rahai Zan TV (Emancipation of Women TV, a weekly TV program broadcasting via satellite since October 2004 from Los Angeles, Channel One TV (in Farsi) to viewers in North America, Europe, Middle East and Farsi Speaking countries, Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan.  The program Centers on women’s rights issues, in defense of defenseless victims of Islamic penal law, women condemned to stoning or other cruel punishment. The program gives awareness about the cruel practices of Female Genital Mutilation in Iran and the region. Mino Hemati has been able to save lives of many victims by giving coverage to their stories such as honor killing and stoning helping women’s rights activists on the ground and raise awareness.