Cooperation and Solidarity Network of Women of Afghanistan and Iran (CSNWAI)

The return of the Taliban to power in Afghanistan, which has never been and is not the choice of the people in Afghanistan, return of medieval political-slam gangsters after 20 years to oppress women and girls of Afghanistan, has made the world Anxious, scared and angry. This “return to power”, has been hampered by emergence of a widespread resistance and protests by Afghan women, girls and citizens, making the survival of the Taliban more difficult than ever.

The catastrophic dangers of the Taliban regaining power in Afghanistan, violence, insecurity, poverty and misery, beyond terrorism and war and destruction, have targeted more innocent people in Afghanistan, especially women and girls, but women and people in Afghanistan are not alone. Angry humanity, all over the world, is watching with astonished eyes what is happening daily in Kabul, Kandahar, Mazar-e-Sharif and Herat and is trying in every possible way to “improve the situation”, to support women, the first victims of this great humanitarian catastrophe, trying to do something!

Every hand the Taliban raise today against women in Afghanistan is increasingly turning the emancipation of women from Taliban rule and Islamic reaction into a matter for civilized people around the world. Any resistance, struggle and protest against the Taliban in Kabul, Herat and throughout Afghanistan today is supported by civilized and freedom-loving humanity around the world!

Meanwhile, the people, especially women and girls in Iran, who have a similar experience in the rule of political Islam, and have a common experience in fighting against it in their history, most of all, share in the suffering of the Taliban’s return to power in Afghanistan. They share. With the re-emergence of the Taliban in Afghanistan, the people of Iran have found themselves more and more on the side of the people in Afghanistan, and especially on the struggle of women and girls against the rulers and Islamic reaction.

Every attack and attack by the Taliban on the right to live freely and the security of women, the violation of the right to education of women, the imposition of hijab and burqa, forced marriage and the strengthening of sexual apartheid, today face widespread resistance not only in Afghanistan but also by women and youth. In addition, its echo is widespread in Iran.

In Iran, with the people who have been fighting every day for more than forty years with the “Iranian Taliban” and confronting their attack on the right to work, education, happiness, human life and free women! The people who not only did not surrendered for forty years, despite giving countless victims by multi generations, but have imposed many retreats on Islamic reaction in Iran! It was natural, and it is natural, for the Taliban to return to Afghanistan to be seen as a “common pain,” to stand with women and girls in Afghanistan, and to react immediately to widespread protests.

In fact, today, any progress of the women’s emancipation movement in Iran and Afghanistan will undoubtedly facilitate the progress of the women’s emancipation movement from any kind of religious and ethnic reaction, especially emancipation from Islamic reaction, not only in these two geographies regions, but in other regions and the world and helps it. Today, women and girls in Iran and Afghanistan are in the same trench in the struggle for equality between men and women!

These facts led us to organize a movement on our own. It prompted us to try to support and strengthen as much as possible the existing force in defense of women’s rights and to repel Islamic reaction to its aggression, which is a dynamic movement on the ground in both Afghanistan and Iran. Get international support for women’s demands against Islamic reaction.

We, the signatories of this statement, announce an international campaign to support women in these two societies, called the “Cooperation and Solidarity Network of Women of Afghanistan and Iran

and call on all freedom-loving men and women around the world to work together. And we invite you to support this network in defending women’s rights in Afghanistan and Iran!

Signatures: Wida Saghary, Mino Hemati, Diana Nami, Sahar Samet

November 7th, 2021